Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nothing like taking a year and 1/2 break from the blog. I have dear friends who are phenomenal at keeping theirs up to date. I believe mine is more an electronic scribble pad where I have left a smattering of memories. I seem to be the only one reading them, as far as I know, and will continue to randomly post the goings-on. Occasionally I will stumble upon them and reflect on what was so important at that time.

It's the beginning of June 2012. I graduated from Marylhurst a year ago. I have started two small businesses to as venues for 2 of my passions... coaching and consulting, and making custom cakes. C4 Creative & Combustive Coaching has not had much official business, but I'm doing all sorts of work here and there. Custom Cakeworks is currently in a busy stretch. I brought on Abby H as an independent contractor. She's on commission only. She is a true God send!!

Wil is 15 and about to finish his freshman year of high school. Tonight we had the end of season BBQ for the lacrosse program at his school. He is a hair shy of 6' and wears a size 12 shoe (if not bigger at this point). His future plans at this moment are to attend OSU and study engineering. Perhaps civil.

Ben is 9 and wrapping up 3rd grade. This uber curious question asker is also thinking he wants to be an engineer. He decided that he and his best friend, Austin I, will both attend OSU, be room mates and both become engineers. We'll see how that one goes. Ben tested in to the TAG program as intellectually gifted. As a result, he will be attending TAG camp this summer at Reed College. (with Austin I, and Noah W).

Two years ago during a church planters coaching training event God put it on my heart to plant a new faith community starting with the graduated youth. That has NOT officially begun, but conversations are happening. I have been asked by the cabinet to take a lay person assigned position at Metzger UMC. Starting July 1 I will be leading worship, taking care of pastoral needs, and facilitating their journey into becoming a legacy church. It will be fascinating to read this in one year and see if I have actually birthed and buried churches in the same year. Anything is possible! I could even end up serving and planting at Pioneer UMC in St Johns (fell in love with them this spring. We had a 6 week mutual "romance" as I did a 6 week pulpit supply including Easter)

My faith is still strong, and my calling to help people on this part of their spiritual journey.. just showing up where they are and loving them through it is my vocation.

I've had some wonderful, deep, amazing friends - old and new- influence my past year. And since we are informed by our experiences, I can only add that my life is richer, my heart is fuller, and my faith in God to see me through anything is obnoxiously solid.

Oh ya... I noticed the 3 months of being "homeless with a home" and "unemployed with work" last year was not blogged. We'll see if i add that.

For now... sleep.

Monday, January 31, 2011

the Sea of Uncertainty

Wow! I think with the consistent use of email and Facebook I forgot about this blog.
I'm thinking not many people have been hankering for the blog to be updated, but here I am anyway.

It's a Monday morning, kids are off to school and I'm battling a mild case of the "I-don't-want-to's." Besides getting one more text book for school and laundry soap, I have no reason to leave the house. My friend, Kim, is expecting me at Zumba in an hour. But I'm just not feeling it.

I'd rather stay home and finish my paper that's due tonight. I'd also rather take a nap.

I am in a season of uncertainty and acute responsibility. Doing my best to be gentle with myself and not let too much go by unattended.

If you read this, please pray for me and the boys as we navigate this season.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1st

WOW! Is it really the beginning of November???

Must be. The clocks are changed and there are piles of sorted Halloween candy on my table.

While the kids spent the weekend w/ Dad, I attended one my classes this term... Rhythm-based communication. AMAZING!!! I had the honor of participating in a drum circle for the very first time! Can't wait to do it, again! and to get the boys involved.

I finished and delivered a Dodger's b'day cake today. Turned out great! and was my first vegan one, as well. It was yummy!!

Time to work on math homework and prepare for the coming week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The crud

"You are sick, but you are not sick enough for meds. You might be later this week. Come back in then" said the nurse practitioner on Monday. It's Wednesday night. My ears are worse, cough is now "textured" and there is the occasional rattle when I breathe. Oh, and best of all... the fever.
I was commiserating with a friend on FB. We both have been "sweating it out."

Today I had an unusual nap experience. I woke up drenched with sweat. I rolled over and went back to sleep. This pattern continued until I had no more dry spots on the bed. Cracking myself up, actually.

Now the sheets are clean, dry, and ready to be put back on the bed. I wonder if I'll have the same experience during the night? hm.

A throwback to my days growing up, "Time to doctor up and get to bed."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day to Celebrate

I got a phone call around 8:30am October 7, 2002.
The nurse said "Dr. Robinson wants you to come in for a stress test. Can you be here by 10am?"

Having had an ultrasound the week prior, I assumed they found something they wanted to check out. I wasn't due until the 17th, so I didn't think much of it. I did not call Dennis at work. I just went to their office.

I had experienced Braxton-Hicks contractions for several months and didn't think this was any different. They strapped me in and hooked me to the monitor. I was told to push the button on the device in my hand whenever I felt a contraction. I pushed it rather often.

The Dr came in and explained that they called me in because of a concern about the amount of amniotic fluid. The results were read wrong and there was no problem. She then said, "I cannot send you home in good faith. You are in labor."

OH my.

I was a few days shy of the hospital's safe-to-deliver date in regards to the lung development. So they moved me to a "holding area" and monitored my contractions until they could officially admit me.

Priceless phone call was made at this point...

"Hey Dennis! How are you? What are you doing around 2pm today?"
"Um, I'll be at work, why?"
"Any chance you could swing by the house and pick up a few things then meet me at the hospital? Looks like we're having a baby today."


stuttered sounds in an attempt to find the words

"uh, sure."

After being moved to the holding area, I called my best friend, Lisa, who was the Occupational Therapy supervisor at that hospital.

"Hi Lisa! What are you doing during lunch? Will you have time to swing by the OB floor and visit me?"
more stuttered sounds trying to find the words

Just after 8pm that night, Benjamin Lucas Dirren arrived!!

For several reasons he was delivered C-section. One of which was him being breach. He made a unique and surprising arrival...as being pulled out my his feet, he peed as soon as it hit the cold air. =)

At age 7, I can attest that experience was a foreshadow of his life. He does not pee anytime it hits the cold air, but he certainly is unique and surprises us.

thank you, God, for this amazing being and the opportunity to be his mom!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

bio/psycho/spiritual integration

that is the title of the course I am taking this weekend.

wow! WOW!

I believe everything is connected.
I believe every experience affects us on each level, to some degree.
I believe I shall finish my lunch break and get back to class.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ben 1 sink 0

The sink in my bathroom had a clog. Ben leaned under the sink the other day to "listen" to the water and try to figure it all out. He said, "Mom, let me know when we have time to fix this. It's just dripping here" (pointing to the P trap).

Tonight I handed him a plastic bin, towels, and a long screwdriver.
We set the towel and tub under the pipes. I loosened the nuts and he
removed the P trap. "eWW! this is stinky!" he complained.

I had him release the stopper assembly and take out the stopper.
He refused to use the screwdriver and push the clog out.
But once it was out, he put everything back together.

woo hoo!

He knows he can clean a clog (prep it for mom to push out) but does not want to be a plumber. He informed me he wants to be a police officer.
When I told him he'd be dealing with a lot of other yucky stuff he said, "it won't be this bad."
I'll let his Dad explain that one later.